Yesterday I thought about a birthday present for a friend of mine and ended up sewing finger gloves for her. She is a bit of a Betty Page and loves to wear black and white stripes because the pattern matches her tattoos so well. I had a striped elastic cotton H&M shirt that I wanted to refashion one day which was the perfect choice for the gloves. I do LOVE to refashion a lot what is not quite so good for my ongrowing fabric stash but well… you cannot know which ideas cross your mind, can you!? heheee…

General fabric recommendation

Since gloves are usually elastic you should choose an elastic fabric like jersey or knitwear.


At first I wanted to make a pattern by my own but then again… there is always something on the web you can use, isn’t there!? And there was! So this post is more of a sew-along than a tutorial. Anyway, it brought so much fun that I wanted to share!

I found a wonderful pattern (and tutorial) on making finger gloves on The pattern fits most female hands. I just needed to shorten the middle finger a bit. You can download and print the pattern for free. Just cut all pieces out and pin them on your fabric as follows:

As you can see I wanted to have longer cuffs on my gloves than the pattern allows. I just left more length and it worked out well!


Every piece is needed twice. Make sure you cut a left and a right hand piece (thumb-hole mirrored).Don’t forget the seam allowance, I left 5mm all around.


First sew the gussets (the 3 stripes of fabric) like noted on your pattern between glove fingers. That’s a bit tricky but you will master it! If you are unsure, please study the description on Last thing is to sew in the thumb.


And you are done. Now you can go crazy about decor!

I had the idea of adding a red bow or ruffle to them but since my friend is not the girly type, I decided on a ruffle from my original fabric (right). Know how to make a ruffle? Just gather and sew your fabric right through the middle and pin it on your glove with a few stitches.

Let me see yours when you are done! I am cuuuuuuurious! 😀

 More Sources

On you can find information how to make leather gloves, your own custom glove pattern and more nice things about gloves